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About Crozaint – An IT Consulting & Managed Service Company

We transform businesses leveraging experience design, cutting-edge engineering and cloud to acquire new customers and add new revenue streams

Who we are

Crozaint is a company recognized globally for its strong commitment and helping clients accelerate their digital journey and become successful. We are a leading IT Consulting & Managed Service company carrying years of experience in Cloud technology, DevOps and Automation. We render quality services from Digital Transformation to migrating applications. We believe in overriding commitment in all our endeavors and maintain a position of leadership. We serve in the field with services designed to deliver cognitive enhancements to user experience and productivity.

Crozaint employs highly optimized solutions with latest technologies to maximize the value of Cloud and IT infrastructure that integrate deep industry insights. We invest wisely in tools and technologies, a comprehensive partner ecosystem, and skills in emerging technologies like DevOps to take operational efficiency to the new level. Our automation services are readily deployable and failure-proof. With Crozaint, customers can prioritize their deployment across specific business processes, administration and technology to enhance productivity and improve accuracy. We build relationships with incorporating interactions, integrations, and innovations in whatever we do.

Last but not the least, our services do not cost you loads, but way lesser than you might expect!


“To Deliver And Manage Seamless IT Infrastructure For Our Clients With Cutting Edge Technologies And Automated Approach.”

At Crozaint, our mission is to deliver superlative services of Cloud that surpasses your expectations. We shall offer excellence through services that match international standards of quality, credibility, and performance. Following points are kept in mind while we deal with our clients:


We collaborate with our clients to meet:

Cutting Edge Solutions – Our team is aware of all the latest technologies in Cloud.

Accomplishing Client’s Requirements – We provide clients with best services by achieving all their needs.

Quality Services – We provide services with high level of responsibility and quality.


“To Contribute To The Fast-Growing Technology And Revolutionize Open Source Platforms.”

Faster Innovation

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation” – Bob Iger, CEO, Walt Disney. Innovation is no luck by chance, but a result of systematic work and investment. At Crozaint, we always embrace the innovativeness and new ideas of our employees. We believe innovation should be a reliable and a quantitative process that yields dependably positive business results.

We show proficiency in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of delivering pipeline faster. We redefine software delivery for faster innovation and greater customer experience while keeping your ecosystem updated.

Tailor-made systems

No two people are the same nor do they see things in the same way! This applies to businesses too. We appreciate your requirements and operates in such a way as to gain more insight into them. Our experts help you to build the right system which suits your business needs, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

We always ensure that you chose the right system and talk to us to know the best fit for your needs. Through our professional, efficient and friendly service, we can provide deep guidance on choosing best service at best time by analyzing your requirements. We ensure high customer satisfaction in all stages of travel with us.

Competitive environment

In business, being good is not good enough. It is impossible for any organisation to develop strong competitive positioning strategies without a proper perspective of the environment and its competitors as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We as a team of industry experts help in digitalisation of your business, and always keeps you acquainted with the right industry standards.

We believe, infusing the right competitive spirit into the team helps to bring out the best in them and helps in evolving a mindset thriving for constant improvement. We always encourage ourselves to enhance and polish our own skills as we know, technology is always advancing.