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“Call on Crozaint’s team of experts to define the best way to achieve your cloud experience. From architectural design to operations, our certified cloud experts provide you a best practice, and best in class solution to meet your current, and future business needs”


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The ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering values through risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
The focus areas includes:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Detective Controls
  • Infrastructure Protection
The ability of a system to recover from infrastructure or service failures, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.
The focus areas includes:

  • Foundations
  • Change management
  • Failure management
Performance Efficiency
The ability to use computing resource efficiency to meet system requirements and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve
The focus areas includes:

  • Selection
  • Review
  • Monitoring
  • Trade-offs
Cost Optimization
The ability to avoid or eliminate unneeded or sub-optimal resources
The focus areas includes:

  • Cost effective resources
  • Match supply and demand
  • Expenditure Awareness
  • Optimizing overtime

Cloud Consulting


Engage with our team of certified experts who will consult with you on your cloud solution and deliver an architecture that meets your objectives


Our certified experts bring the deep expertise needed to execute a seamless build of your new cloud infrastructure and deliver it on time and budget


We as a managed partner of dominant public cloud providers, Our team will watch over your cloud infrastructure helping you to optimize performance


Account review for a deep dive into your infrastructure providing technical insight, security and monitoring availability, all while adhering to cloud best practices


Easily schedule your compute, storage and database instances with custom backup and retention policies


Our team of experts will deep dive into your infrastructure providing technical as well as functional documentations and reports

24/7 Support

Release Management

Change Management

Cloud Managed Services

We help you to manage the health of your IT infrastructure and continuous delivery pipeline. Our experts take care of Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Release Management along with defining the governance framework. We are also second to none in Creating Replica Environment and Performance Optimization.


Crozaint maintains a database of your various IT vendors with contact details, escalation matrix, response time and resolution time commitments. All vendor calls for assistance are logged and we ensure that your vendors are meeting the service level agreements provided in their agreements


Crozaint performs remote infrastructure management and proactive round-the-clock monitoring of your servers. We track accessibility and usage of disk space, memory, network bandwidth and processing. We follow your incident management procedure for resolving incidents and we prescribe workarounds to address issues. Additionally, we provide user management services, security administration and cluster administration.


Crozaint monitor and administer your firewall, deploy scripting for policy backups, monitor performance and update software with patches. Crozaint also makes security related changes to your firewall like updation of blacklists, rule-based configuration changes and disabling ICMP packets.


Crozaint ensures high availability and proper functioning of your databases. We will perform 24 x 7 monitoring and log vital database health parameters. Crozaint also performs housekeeping and administration tasks, incident and problem management and trend based consulting to increase database performance, availability and automation.


Crozaint provides storage solution management, monitors key resources and interconnects the storage solution. As part of its IT infrastructure services, Crozaint will manage and ensure peak performance of your storage solution, warn you about issues and suggest solutions for them.


As part of infrastructure management, Crozaint also monitors bandwidth usage, CPU and memory usage in 24 x 7 basis and generates performance reports. We also defines Network Access Control Lists for more security.


Crozaint ensures regular backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. In case of a failure of your backup software, Crozaint also provides coordination with the vendor.


Crozaint ensures regular backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. In case of a failure of your backup software, Crozaint also provides coordination with the vendor.

Cloud Migration Services

01 Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Prepare an inventory of existing infrastructure
  • Access the dependencies & Risk involved Identify most suited cloud provider
  • Suggest suitable tools to replace/improve the existing environment
  • Plan & Prepare final architecture diagram with D&R & fault tolerance.
  • Estimate the time and cost involved


  • Build a new automated production environment
  • Move production data and set-up storage
  • Update DNS

02Beta environment set-up

  • Set-up a beta environment of the existing environment
  • Test/fine tune application using test data and test database
  • Testing scalability after loading equivalent test data

03 Migration Strategy

  • Plan phased migration of the application and database
  • Estimate the required migration time and notify down time if necessary

05Continuous Monitoring

  • Set-up monitoring Tools.
  • Keep watching logs performance response time and load.