DevOps Services

          Our DevOps uses coordinated effort, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, mechanization and Cloud reception. With our DevOps as a service offering, we guarantee quick on-boarding of uses via computerizing end-to-end conveyance pipeline and encourage constant combination and advancement crosswise over driving cloud platforms.


Comprehensive Reporting On Application Health & Management
Performance Optimization & Recommendations
Audit Against Cost
Comprehensive Server Health Reports
Proactive Measures Based On Monitoring Trends
Reports On Infrastructural or Configurational Changes

                    Crozaint makes use of good DevOps services to lodge distinct operations standards and technical requirements, and to work towards the client’s goals for agreeability and presidency. Our standardized DevOps practices help you in continuous integration, deployment, monitoring, testing and log management. We incorporate excellent DevOps practices to deliver the quality, speed and reliability an organization needs in order to stay ahead of the competitors. We help you embrace cultural transformation and adopt an enterprise-wide approach to let you achieve the best possible outcomes with business benefits of DevOps.

                    Our DevOps consulting services help companies overcome the constrictions of software development to ensure agile delivery. You no more have to worry about the necessity of login to the server or facing inconsistencies in environments as we help you in the management of configuration and deployment through DevOps architecture. We automate the process of delivering a software package to an environment to ensure its continuous delivery in the DevOps architecture. Our experts redefine the workflow and speed up development and manage processes through the continuous integration process. While DevOps implementation for streamlined operations, we also tackle monitoring and logging for active maintenance of application and deriving insights. Our multifaceted team of DevOps professionals has the best

                    With our DevOps Services, we encourage extensive ventures and new businesses adjust their Development and Operations to accomplish higher proficiency, quicker time to market and better nature of programming works with early recognizable proof of rising issues, giving the code a chance to be in a releasable state always.

Our DevOps as Service Expertise Include

One Click Deployment And Rollback
Automated Alerts
Log Management
Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
Performance Optimization and Stress Testing

DevOps Consultation

DevOps Assessment

Our DevOps consulting services survey your DevOps practices, review your current infrastructure, advancement pipeline, list down the repetitive assignments and distinguish the correct set of apparatuses. Moreover, we build up an assessment report laying out activity points for automation, give DevOps Quotient Scorecard and Continuous Delivery Roadmap.

DevOps Automation

After auditing your current setup and drawing the ideal work flows, we set-up and automate your continuous delivery pipeline. While automating the pipeline, we prevent risky deployment and increase productivity using our robust ecosystem of open source and licensed tools.

24/7 Support

Release Management

Change Management

Managed Services

We assist you with managing the strength of your IT infrastructure and consistent conveyance pipeline. Our specialists deal with Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Release Management alongside characterizing the administration system. We are likewise second to none in Creating Replica Environment and Performance Optimization.


Crozaint keeps up a database of your different IT sellers with contact details, acceleration framework, reaction time and goals time responsibilities. All client calls for assistance are logged and we guarantee that your clients are meeting the service level understandings gave in their agreements.


Crozaint performs remote infrastructure services and proactive round-the-clock observation of your servers. We track accessibility and usage of disk space, memory, network bandwidth and processing. We follow your incident management strategy for settling episodes and we suggest workarounds to address issues. We give client administration services, security organization and group organization as well.


Crozaint screen and direct your firewall, convey scripting for approach reinforcements, screen execution and update softwares with patches. Crozaint additionally rolls out security related improvements to your firewall like updation of blacklists, govern based setup changes and impairing ICMP packets.


Crozaint guarantees high accessibility and appropriate working of your databases. We perform 24 x 7 observing and log crucial database wellbeing parameters. Crozaint likewise performs housekeeping and organization undertakings, occurrence and problem management and pattern based consulting to build database execution, accessibility and automation.


Crozaint provides storage solution management, monitors key resources and interconnects the storage solution. As part of its IT infrastructure services, Crozaint will oversee and guarantee top execution of your stockpiling arrangement, caution you about issues and recommend answers for them.


As a major aspect of infrastructure services, Crozaint additionally screens data transfer capacity use, CPU and memory utilization in 24 x 7 premise and produces execution reports. We characterizes Network Access Control Lists as well for greater security.


Crozaint guarantees normal reinforcement, data protection & recovery in case of a framework disappointment or an IT fiasco. In case of a failure of your backup software, Crozaint also provides coordination with the clients.


Crozaint guarantees normal reinforcement, data protection & recovery in case of a framework disappointment or an IT fiasco. In case of a failure of your backup software, Crozaint also provides coordination with the clients.