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We transform businesses leveraging experience design, cutting-edge engineering and cloud to acquire new customers and add new revenue streams

Services we offer

Crozaint specializes in managed Cloud and Infrastructure Services which adopts Standard Industrial Operating Practices to incorporate the Agile Methodology to unify the Developement and Operations streams of an IT Ecosystem. We make use of DevOps Automation techniques and Procedures to create an environment which brings in dividents over the Time. Our Portfolio includes Infrastructure Managed Services, Managed Cloud, Devops consulting, Automation & Digital Transformation.

DevOps Services

DevOps Managed Services DevOps Consultation 0

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Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting
Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Migration Services0

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Automation Services

Infrastructure Automation
Configuration Management
Automation Testing0

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Digital Strategy Consulting

Branding, Web Services
Mobility Development
Application development0

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