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Automation Services

Automation Services

The path to automation success isn’t always smooth and we deliver most value to your business in a shortest time creating a robust governance environment. Crozaint automation services focus on building quality infrastructure to fit your exact specifications. Our automation solutions provide application execution and reporting with full control over details.

We have extensive experience of successfully working on an automated server provisioning with a variety of infrastructure provisioning tools which enables us to create the perfect solution customized as per your project and organizational needs. Our configuration management automation services keep an alignment with unique tools and frameworks that will render the best cost and time savings, achieving superior outcomes.

1) Infrastructure Automation

This involves launching, provisioning and deployment of Cloud environments & Operating Systems of your choice through the automated scripts. Crozaint deals with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. Infrastructure automation also consists of:

  • Automated provisioning
  • Bringing up servers in deploy ready state
  • Scaling up of servers within minutes
  • Elimination of server state mismatch

2) Configuration Management

Our configuration management services assists in managing the code, automating the platforms, and making the server and services ready for your consumers. The configuration management offers:

  • Elimination of configuration mismatch
  • Automated, error-free, and faster configuration deployment
  • Single tool management for all work environments
  • Configuration of activity reports
  • Log Management
  • Automated backup management with retention, and testing
  • Version Control

Combining both Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management brings agility to the DevOps part of the IT ecosystem.